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Updated 04-10-06

      The database of pastiches, parodies and related fiction is designed to list all fiction that takes place in the "Holmesian Universe." That is to say that it should contain any fiction that acknowledges the existence of Holmes as a real person, important to the tale being told. This allows inclusion of stories about descendants and relatives of Holmes, such as Fawcett's two Mme. Vernet tales set in Napoleonic times. It also allows items such as The Sherlock Holmes Adventure, by Regis McCafferty, a delightful set of stories about a former Baker Street Irregular turned detective.

      The literature is rich and varied, with sub-genres and special interests, such as the numerous tales about Mary Russell by dozens of authors and crossover tales linking Holmes with other fictional characters, such as Raffles, Lord Peter Wimsey and Elizabeth Bennett Darcy. Unfortunately, many of these items are not well-written or even logical enough for fans of Holmes. On the other hand, there are real gems to be found among these efforts; works so Holmesian you think Watson wrote them, powerful and compelling dramas and brilliant detective stories.

      As a final note, the database, SHERLOCK, cannot be easily understood without the companion document, SHERCODE which explains the format of SHERLOCK and the various code values used therein.

P. K. Jones

P. K. Jones
R. Wilcox, 2006

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