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Sydney Paget
Frederic D. Steele
R. Gutschmidt
Josef Friedrich
Frank Wiles
W. H. Hyde
Other Artists
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The main goal of this collection is to present as many illustrations of the Canon as possible. On most websites one can find some graphics from the Strand Magazine or from various editions of the Canon in more or less good quality, but as far is known this is the only site where all 357 of Paget's illustrations are accessible on the internet.
Dr. Watson gave us colourful descriptions of life in 221b Baker Street–and many artists have given us illustrations of characters and scenes from the stories. Do you know what the interior of Baker Street might have looked like? How were the various clients of Holmes dressed? What did Moriarty look like that day he came to Baker Street? Here one can see the various artwork used when the Canon was first published–including not only the most well-known drawings of Sidney Paget, but lesser-known artists who illustrated various international editions. Click on a name below to view that artist's work.

In this collection:

Sidney Paget
Frederic Dorr Steele
Richard Gutschmidt
Josef Friedrich
Frank Wiles
W. H. Hyde
Frederic H. Townsend
Arthur Twidle
Gilbert Halliday
Joseph Simpson
H. M. Brock
Alec Ball
Walter Paget
Alfred Gilbert
Howard K. Elcock

Nancy Blakestad &
David Soucek, 1998

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